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Importance of Taking Care of the Environment


By definition, our environment, surroundings, or ecosystem is composed of living organisms in a particular location. It includes their habitation as well as interactions. This environment is valuable for people’s health and wellbeing; quality of life; and, continued existence. As an example, the woodlands help eliminate carbon dioxide and other airborne contaminants. Forests also reduce air temperature thereby controlling formation of ozone or gaseous types of oxygen. These are some of the essential reasons why we are compelled to care for our environment.

Wholesome Environment

Yes, it is crucial to for us to work hard and collaborate in preserving the environment. Otherwise, our ecosystem will easily become polluted and cause harmful effects to the health of every living thing in this planet. Contaminated air is among the leading causes of chronic ailments and respiratory diseases. Dirty water sources leads to intestinal and stomach disorders as well as typhoid fever. Treatment mechanisms exist but it does not mean we have to be careless and unconcerned.


We need to consider the factor of biodiversity as well. It is often defined as the inconsistency among living things originating from earthly and aquatic ecological units along with the biological complexities to which these belong. It also includes diversity among and between species as well as bionetworks. Biodiversity serves as basis for the wide assortment of environmental services that contribute essentially to the physical welfare of human beings. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned that biodiversity may be negatively affected by human activities and natural factors. Basic necessities that people need to survive as a result of biodiversity include air, water, food, and shelter.

Global Warming

Global warming also refers to climate change. It is the century-scale escalation in average temperature of the earth’s climate together with its interconnected effects. Global warming causes a change of weather patterns. Humans are primarily accountable since their daily activities release huge amounts of CO2 or carbon dioxide as well as greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere. In fact, minor changes in temperature produce frequent and hazardous weather patterns like destructive storms. The bottom line is we have to fight climate change for the sake of younger generations.


You may not realize it but a clean environment helps us become more productive. Our level of efficiency increases since we thrive and work in dirt-free surroundings. Research shows that people can concentrate more and work with less interruption if their work area is free from clutter and dust. Clean spaces offer fewer distractions.

Healthy Environment

Finally, a clean environment translates to healthy people. If your home is dirty, the occupants have the tendency to get sick often. The house does not need to be 100% germ-free or spotlessly clean but make sure the children particularly infants and old folks should be healthy all the time. The government recommends the use of green products. There are many other ways to help preserve our environment. It is all a matter of commitment, patience, and determination.



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