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Women with shimmering and healthy-looking skin feel very confident. It makes them look younger. Yet, it takes a lot of efforts along with the right remedies to achieve this goal. Your skin needs to be pampered for you to get that wonderful look. Here are some tips to keep sensitive skin radiant at all times.

Cleansing without Soap

Sulfates are aggressive chemicals present in cleansers and soaps that remove the skin’s natural moisture. It is not necessary to wash your face several times daily using commercial cleansers. It can lead to premature aging and cause more negative than positive benefits. Instead of over the counter products, try natural and homemade solutions to help get rid of acne or bad skin. Why not opt for oil cleansing? Combined with other organic skin care items, healthy diet, and moderate exercise, oil cleansing techniques can eliminate spots by 90%.

Use of Face Oils

Oils are emollients that can soothe or soften your skin. Oils remain near the surface unlike balms that penetrate deep into your skin for enduring hydration. According to dermatologists, face oil may not have sufficient moisturizing power but it has the capacity to provide protection and shallow hydration. It permeates the skin deep enough to nurture the top layer.

Face oils can provide your skin with immediate softness. These products are filled with vital nutrients, antioxidants, and fatty acids. At the same time, essential oil creates a shield for skin cells. It may not be an absolute solution for skin problems but performs functions like restoring and protecting skin barriers.

Skin Moisturizers

Use a moisturizer with natural oils like almond, argan, or rosemary. Massage the cream gently on your skin for hydration and a youthful look. Choose moisturizers with Sun Protection Factor 15 to help prevent untimely aging due to sun exposure. Look for products with humectants or lotions like non-toxic glycerin. These substances attract water once applied on the skin thereby improving hydration.

Buy a moisturizing lotion that contains alpha hydroxy acids which boost turnover of dead skin cells. AHA reduces dryness, age spots, creases, and acne. Use moisturizers according to the season use light products in summer and heavier ones during fall and winter.

Face Scrubs

Many women scrub their faces briskly to remove dead and old skin for a more pleasant appearance. This is partially effective but can also lead to skin issues and unhealthy skin. Once the skin is damaged, one of the results is wear and tear of collagen (structural protein in connective tissues) that produces permanent acne scars. It also accelerates aging on your face.

Exfoliation is important. However, too much of this practice can impair delicate tissues. The face brush or scrub used properly exfoliates the skin. The tool removes makeup and grime that accumulate on your face. Try to limit scrubbing once or twice daily. Otherwise, excessive scrubbing can harm your skin. There are plenty of natural alternatives for face scrubs.

Whole oats are gentle natural exfoliants. Jojoba beads that come from jojoba oils are also great skin cleansers. These are biodegradable and come in various colors. Some women use salt scrubs which are abrasive but effective options. Lemon and citrus fruits are natural remedies but extreme AHA can cause unpleasant irritation.

Removal of Makeup

Take away your makeup before sleeping. If not, the chemicals can cause considerable damage to your skin at nighttime. The skin restores itself while you sleep. Failure to remove your makeup prevents the skin from breathing and symptoms of fatigue eventually appear. The oily substance blocks your pores that lead to more blackheads and acne. Residue from makeup generates skin flaws during the night.

Other Precautions

Omit the long and steamy showers. Instead, opt for short and cool sprays. Long and hot baths strip your skin of important moisture and wash away the protective oils. A 10-minute shower with lukewarm water is good enough, according to dermatologists. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and green veggies.

A healthy diet helps you acquire the nutrients and vitamins needed for radiant skin. Other recommended foods are mushrooms, cocoa and soy milk on cereals. Soy protein is necessary to build and protect collagen from radical damage. Finally, take a lot of Vitamin C to maintain your skin’s shimmering look.


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