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Fact check: Juice vs Smoothie – Which is better for health?


There has been much debate regarding juices and smoothies. Juicing refers to water and nutrient extracts from produce minus the fiber. Smoothies, on the other hand, contain the whole fruit or veggie with the skin and fiber. Blending splits the fiber and releases nutrients slowly into your bloodstream avoiding blood sugar spikes. Which one is more effective? It could all depend on your specific needs and targets.

Upsides and Downsides of Juicing


Juices have no excess pulps from the produce. Nourishing substances are digested quickly and without difficulty into blood that circulates in our bodies. Besides, eating fruits and vegetables without fibers allow us to omit the lengthy and laborious process. In short, the method effectively saturates the body with minerals and vitamins. With juicing, we consume more goods in a single bottle of juice than it will be physically possible to guzzle in one day.

A small portion provides nutrients equivalent to numerous servings of fresh fruits and veggies since juices are concentrated. It becomes easier to assimilate important vitamins the body needs. Juicing fills in a considerable nutrition disparity. Some people have an aversion to eating greens but will gladly drink green juices with apple and ginger because of the more pleasant taste.

Juicing gives people the chance to try vegetables they might not generally consume or know how to use in recipe dishes. Beets and kale cabbage, for instance, are loaded with Vitamins B and K. However, there is no clinical evidence that confirms if juices are healthier compared to easting fresh produce.


The correct juicing technique takes out the nourishment but leaves fibers behind. In other words, juices are less filling compared to smoothies or blended produce. Without the fiber, you forego essential health benefits. Fiber is vital for proper digestion and sound health. Furthermore, vegetables with high sugar content can produce high blood sugar which left untreated can be hazardous and lead to a severe ailment known as Ketoacidosis.

Juices are similar to water in the abdomen that empty quickly. At the same time, this kind of beverage does not have any fats or proteins that comprise a complete meal. Juicing produces a lot of waste by removing the entire pulp from the vegetable or fruit. It is necessary to consume the juice immediately since these easily get spoiled.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoothies


Smoothies are by and large blended whole foods. In other words, all the nourishment is kept intact. The nutritional balance is what makes the meal replacement effective even as after workout recovery beverage. Green smoothies ensure complete food sustenance complete with dietary fibers. It oxidizes slowly compared to juices and maintain the nutrients for a longer duration.

Blended produce can replace full meals effectively if prepared with protein low-fat dairy products like milk. The fiber in smoothies slows down absorption of sugar to a healthy level. Blending does not consume plenty of time. All you need is to cut the fruit in half or cram leafy greens in the blender and mix for at least 30 seconds. The smoothie is ready for drinking.


Commercial smoothies contain synthetic ingredients like unhealthy sweeteners (processed sugar or high-fructose corn syrup). Both of these are infamous for adverse health effects. It could turn out as a major disadvantage from the dietary perspective if drinking smoothies become more of a habit. Moreover, smoothies are filled with more calories.

Trying a variety of produce may not yield the best tastes and become too expensive. All recipes do not guarantee the outcome will be appetizing or mouth-watering. It will take some time before finding out the best blend with the necessary nutrients.

Cardinal Rule for Juices and Smoothies

Refrain from combining fruits with vegetables. Carrots and broccoli with high starch content do not go well with most fruits. Drink the beverages right away after preparing them. Some nutrients are spoiled once exposed to air and light. Buy and use the correct and juicing gadgets. Cheap extracts are capable of introducing heat and oxygen that break up enzymes and nutrients. It is advisable to invest money in high-quality blender or cold-press juicer that can extract juices and smoothies efficiently for a long time and thereby save you money.