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Declutter your life: One room at a time


Decluttering your life and abode seems a herculean task. Fortunately, there are plenty of cost-effective ways to organize and get rid of junk stuff from your homes. You don’t need fancy tools but several baskets, boxes, and trash bags. However, you need to follow certain key words and phrases for cleaning the mess in your homes.

  • Trash – Throw away all unnecessary items.
  • Put away – Keep things in storage areas.
  • Fix – Patch up broken fixtures.
  • Donate – Donate unwanted belongings to charity.

Paperless Domicile

Prepare all your boxes and bins. Begin by sorting out all your earthly possessions. Classify the items and put them inside labeled boxes. Toss the useless bits and pieces inside the waste bags. Get rid of old newspapers, magazines, books, and unnecessary documents. If possible, build a paperless home by saving all your important papers to a digital file. This will clear the clutter as well as make documents secure in your desktop or laptop computer.

Start the actual cleaning. Once the space has been emptied, the next step is to wash bed sheets, pillows, and curtains. Scrub the floors and vacuum your carpets. Remove cobwebs as well as wipe away the dust from furniture and countertops. Then, you can now proceed from one room to the other.

Bathroom and Bedroom

Clean the medicine cabinet first. Take out everything and toss out the expired medicines, skin care products, and makeup. Keep important objects at the topmost level and the rest in the other drawers. Do the same for your bathtub and shower.

Make your bed. Remove things that don’t belong to the bedside table such as eyeglasses, books, pen, paper, empty tissue box, and mail. This also applies for phone chargers that no longer work. Keep all clothes inside the closet. Dispose of effects that have not used for the last six months.

The closet requires more time for straightening up. Start with the footwear, bags, dresses, slacks, and tops. It’s quite easy to identify which pair of jeans to keep and those that you can give away. Rearrange stuff placed in the wrong place. Bring dirty clothing to the laundry room and items that requires repair or dry cleaning.


Declutter the entrance or foyer to make it more functional. Start with the console table or desk. Check the drawers carefully. Take out the contents and decide whether to keep or get rid of them. See to it the important gadgets are easily accessible. The space should not be too crammed. Make sure that you can get out and in without difficulty. The entryway normally picks up a lot of clutter compared to other rooms in the house. So, spend more time in that area.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Keep your dining room and kitchen organized because this is the place for food preparation, eating, and socializing. To make things less difficult for you, empty each space and make up your mind whether to dump or put back an item. Begin with the pantry and upper cupboards before moving to the other cabinets, drawers, and spaces beneath the kitchen sink. Next, focus on the countertops and possibly move items to the storage room. Keep only the utensils that you use daily on the counter’s upper surface.

Living Room

The living room is usually the hardest to put in order. There’s not enough space because of the furnishings, TV set, bookcases, and decorations. You need to identify permanent storage for devices like remote controls, books, and magazines. Declutter the space on a regular basis. Tidy up your coffee table after the console and book shelves. Arrange throw pillows and other décor.

Move to the electronics. Put objects aside that don’t have anything to do with home theater system, audio player, or wide screen TV. Keep the chargers, video gaming equipment, and mobile devices. Stash your kids’ toys in the playroom. Throw away broken playthings like dolls and teddy bears.

Decluttering your home is one good way of dealing with the stress of daily routine and challenges. Besides, don’t you think it’s more soothing to live a simple and uncluttered life with fewer unwanted stuff inside your dwelling. You may feel bored or overwhelmed initially but decluttering can actually be a lot of fun.