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Top 5 Places to Find Unique Treasures in Los Angeles Area


(Photo courtesy: Kathmandu Boutique)

Los Angeles is a virtual treasure trove where you can find some of the most unique merchandise from different countries.

Kathmandu Boutique

Reena Gauchan, from Nepal, owns this e-commerce shop which progressed significantly during the last 10 years. She established this business after finding inexpensive but beautiful ethnic gift items in Los Angeles. Reena started by selling Nepalese goods in street fairs, festivals, and farmers’ markets. Her inventory grew so she found a good place at Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica in 2005.

Reena launched an online store for magical and exceptional merchandise. Shoppers can drop by their outlet to taste the Nepalese Tea. Kathmandu Boutique sells women’s clothes, accessories, home items, jewelry, oils and incense, candles, statues, and ritual products. The boutique is also involved in community activities like the quarterly community gathering, holiday activities to commemorate life and friendship, and Enchanted Music & Dinner Nights.


Jalan-Jalan Boutique in LA imports hand-carved stone statues from Bali in Indonesia. Owner Brian Gibson also sells hardened wood; teak and teak root furniture; hand-crafted souvenirs; Suzani (embroidered and ornamental tribal textile) and other rare treasures. The objective of Jalan is to provide collectors, architects, and interior designers with design items for the home and office.

Brian personally chooses these items so his products are not found anywhere else in the world. You can visit Jalan at its location in Topanga, Canyon Boulevard to personally check the store’s inventory. The shop also sponsors community events like the Community Potluck Clinic; Topanga Art Market by the Owl Falls; Saturday Music Series and Concert; and, Topanga Canyon Gallery Tour.

Hare Krishna Store – Gopal Imports

KrishnaStore.com has been supplying premium quality Gopal merchandise since 1996. The retailer strives to provide Hare Krishna devotees with products they need at affordable prices. There are books, audio and video recordings by Guru Srila Prabhupada. You can also order statues of deities; incense; tulsi japa chanting beads neck beads; jewelry (Krishna), and Aroti trays.

KrishnaStore.com also carries a wide line of devotional wardrobe for adults and children at cut-down prices. Customers are given a complete refund within 30 days if they are not satisfied with the merchandise. The websites uses secure data encryption systems as well as firewall technology to protect personal details of shoppers.

The Venice Love Shack

The Love Shack is a Bohemian shop owned by Udi Levy. He calls this “eclectic place” the “Original Venice Bohemia.” It’s flanked by real-life hippie buses and carries an inventory of beanbags larger than what you can find in a bean factory. It is not only a store but a place where residents of Venice and artists can hang out to record their music, work, sip tea, and think of ways to improve the community. Beanbags inspired Udi Levy to put up this business. The unique life-sized beanbag provides support for mothers in different positions while giving birth. In fact, Udi converted a former bed store into a beanbag plant in Venice.

Samosa House West

Samosa House has been selling gourmet Indian vegan and vegetarian foods in Los Angeles since 1976. It also operates one of the largest Indian grocery outlets in Southern California. Here you can buy products for a well-stashed Indian kitchen. The family-owned Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant chain operates Samosa House. They make sure to provide consumers with genuine and traditional cuisine from India. Samosa House performs catering for events like weekend family get-togethers and large Indian weddings.