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How to naturally cleanse with Oil?


You can definitely have smooth and balanced skin. It’s not an impossible dream after all. Nonetheless, it takes a lot of patience, determination, and the proper ingredients to achieve your goal. To help you out, try the natural oil cleansing method making use of these top three options – Coconut, Olive, and Almond oils.


For a start, washing with coconut oil helps reduce dry skin. It enhances the texture and looks of your face as well as deal with symptoms of aging. Likewise, this natural oil serves as protection against infections, safeguards you from sunburn, and soothes tenderness. Research discovered that coconut oil is an effective face cleanser which people worldwide have been using for many decades.

The face wash contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and medium chain triglycerides (fatty acids). Coconut oil breaks through the outer skin layer minus the abrasive and damaging chemicals present in many commercial moisturizers, face serums, and scrubs. The Vitamin E content along with polyphenolic acids/compounds can deliver satisfactory results. Its components decrease oxidative stress or imbalance between free radicals which can have adverse effects on your skin.

Coconut oil is a moisturizing agent as well that penetrates the skin to transport nutrients to lower skin levels. The oil seeps quickly to prevent buildup of residue and locks in moisture which prevents dry skin from surfacing. Besides, coconut oil helps lower sebum or oily secretion on your face. The fatty acids possess antifungal and antibacterial properties that bolster the immune system.

These acids also reduce the chances of pathogens accumulating on your face.

Coconut oil contains low SPF rating of four up to seven although this is sufficient in ensuring day to day protection. A face wash helps get rid of irritation (dry skin) in areas beneath the chin, nose, forehead, and neck.

Olive Oil

Olive oil also works wonders as an effective facial cleanser other than simply washing away makeup, grime, and pollutants. It aids in moisturizing, easing, and restoring sensitive skin while dealing with aging concerns. The natural oil enhances the skin by safeguarding against free radicals that hasten aging. It helps sustain skin elasticity at the same time.

Using essential oils that suits specific skin type stimulate the revitalizing effects. Pour some of the oil on your hand and massage softly on dry skin for around 60 seconds. You can rub it around the eyes to remove makeup.

Oils are mild enough to prevent that stinging feeling. Make them stronger and thicker for conditioning your eyelashes. Rinse your face several times with warm water and wipe away using cotton balls or damp cloth for removing residue. You may even omit the moisturizer unless you have very dry skin. Don’t forget your sunscreen early in the morning.

Almond Oil

There are some things to remember if you use almond oil. It is ideal as facial cleanser for all kinds of skin including the oily type. Likewise, almond oil is a suitable foundation for facial scrubs. Here’s an important reminder. Refrain from adding salt to the almond oil scrub if you’ve got touchy or acne-prone skin.

For those with sensitive skin, your option is sweet almond oil used often for aromatherapy. Don’t wash your face. Place several drops of almond oil extract on your palm and rub slightly on top of your face in circular directions utilizing your fingertips. Inhale hot steam after two to three minutes. Wet a soft cloth with hot water and squeeze gently to avoid dripping. Close your eyes. Put the cloth above your face until it goes down to room temperature.

Wipe your face tenderly using a cotton pad with a bit of pressure. This will open up the pores and remove dead skin which will lead to clean and silky skin. You can add either salt or sugar granules to form an exfoliating scrub for once a week use. Again, dab gently and scrub in circular motion. Wash off using lukewarm water for supple and lustrous skin. You may use the same to scrub your lips for softer skin within a few minutes.

Other Essential Oils

There are other natural oils with benefits for the skin. These are frankincense, carrot seed, lavender, rose, tea tree, and jojoba. It’s up to you which one fits well into your skin type.