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Taking care of your skin in summer


The sunny and warm weather means you must take care of your skin well. The hot summer breeze can cause serious skin damage making it rough and dull. Pores may get clogged because of too much perspiration aggravated by dust and airborne allergens. You also become exposed to unsafe ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun. Here are some precautionary measures that should be part of your summer skin regimen.

Natural Sunscreens

Wear non-hazardous sunscreens even during overcast days because the scorching rays are powerful. Look for a sunscreen with minimum Sun Protection Factor of 30. Avoid very high numbers since sun protection weakens as the SPF rises. Most sunscreens with SPF between 50 and 100 can only block one to two percent of sun rays compared to SPF 30 versions. Apply every 90 minutes and after swimming.

Drink Plenty of H2O

Drink eight up to 10 glasses (ounces) of water. Drinking water is good for body functions. It also affects the appearance of your skin. The right hydration helps remove contaminants from the body. Otherwise, these toxins accumulate and affect the efficiency of organs like your kidneys which impact the skin directly. Sip water all day long and try to follow the 8 by 8 rule. Always bring a non-plastic flask of water if you are outdoors and drink once every 30 minutes to prevent dehydration.

Exercise is Helpful

Engage in moderate physical workouts for healthy and radiant skin. Exercise helps you dispose of toxins as well. Yoga or simple exercises each morning makes you feel well and remain fresh. Or, take a walk to gain more energy and shed off those extra pounds. Regular workouts promote blood circulation which makes your skin glow.

Wholesome Diet

Avoid consuming salty food and unhealthy snacks. These “goodies” can only heighten dehydration. Opt for fruits or veggies with high water content such as watermelon, oranges, cucumber, and lettuce. These are also capable of proving your body with anti-oxidants as well as nutrients. Don’t forget green vegetables that enhance the immune system and reduces stress levels. Reduce intake of meat which raises body temperature and produces unsightly pimples.

Avoid Tanning Beds

The tanning bed may not be a healthy option. This device discharges UV radiation to produce a tan look. However, it can cause sunburns and are often associated with cancer. Think carefully before going to a tanning salon. A safer alternative includes self-tanning lotions or towels.  Read the ingredients carefully on the product label to make sure the base composition is non-toxic. To begin with, avoid methyl paraben chemical as well as artificial perfumes.

Importance of Exfoliation

Exfoliate the dead skins through natural means at least once or twice weekly. Dead cells stay on the top of your skin. It makes the skin dry and coarse. Exfoliation gets rid of these dead cells allowing your skin to look healthier and more luminous. The process also facilitates quick regeneration and helps ward off premature aging. If possible, buy products that contain natural grains instead of fruit acid (alpha and beta hydroxy acids).

Moisturizers are good but these products cannot generate a healthy-looking skin unless you get proper exfoliation. The exfoliating sponge is effective in scrubbing off dead skin. It is easy to formulate a homemade scrub. Simply mix oatmeal and Besan flour for this natural recipe. Rub the scrub in circular motion on your whole body for three minutes and rinse. Repeat the procedure two to three times weekly.

Need for Moisturizers

Of course, moisturizing your skin helps ease the drying although good moisturizers work gradually before delivering the desired outcome. It promotes healthy skin with regular use. If you suffer from sunburn, act promptly to alleviate the adverse effects by moisturizing generously and frequently using lotions with Aloe Vera. It aids in soothing the discomfort and keeps your skin hydrated.

At the same time, look for a summery and fruity lotion that absorbs fast such as gels. Go for a natural look under the blistering sun. If you want to apply some foundation, choose face powder with Sun Protection Factor to prevent irregular skin. Your lip gloss or balm should have an SPF of 15 for a fresher look.

Parting Advice

There is nothing wrong to enjoy the summer. Yet, do not skimp on rest and sleep. Inadequate sleep can increase your levels of stress hormones that slow down the production of collagen or connective proteins in the skin. Your skin loses softness once it stops producing this fibrous protein. The end result is that you will look more exhausted and unhealthy.



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