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Conserving Water while watering your lawn in California


It’s imperative to learn water conservation techniques during summer if you are a resident of California. The bad news is the water conservation habits of most Californians which have improved during five years of drought are fading away fast. For the seventh time in eight months, the volume of water saved by city-dwellers dropped significantly. It looks like Californians are back to that time before the water problem started.

For those who love gardening and landscaping, how can you expect to maintain your lawns in California? How can you conserve water without compromising the water requirements of your gardens?

Browse through bewaterwise.com, the website of California’s Metropolitan Water District. The portal is full of water-saving tips, water-wise gardening pointers, landscape classes, and water conservation grants and rebates. The portal also provides useful and cost-effective suggestions for watering your lawn as well as other valuable tips for families.

  • Water your lawn one to two days weekly and save a maximum of 840 gallons for that period.
  • Check out your sprinkler for leaks and have it repaired immediately to save 500 gallons monthly.
  • Avoid using a garden hose to clean your driveway and replace it with a broom to conserve at least 150 gallons of water.
  • Water your plants either early in the morning or evening to decrease evaporation and save 25 gallons in the process.
  • Wash your car using a pail and sponge rather than the hose. If you use one, make sure you buy a self-closing nozzle.
  • Have your leaking faucets and shower heads repaired by an experienced plumber right away.
  • Determine the amount of water you consume each month and avoid going beyond your limits.
  • Rebates or refunds make lawn removal more attractive. Water Smart landscapes reduce water consumption by around 70%.

All households must cooperate with the local authorities and civic organizations in the implementation of water conservation programs. Make informed decisions about saving precious water particularly during the hot summer months.

Gardeners, hear this: Look for the type of lawn grass that grows quicker and consumes less water. Hundreds of lawn grass varieties all over the United States are imported from other countries worldwide. The kind of grass you buy must suit the climate in California as well as your preferences.  Common warm season grass varieties include Bermuda, Buffalo, Carpet, and St. Augustine.

For California residents, consider Fescue with narrow and deep green blades which is low-maintenance and does not require frequent mowing. Fescue grass is the widely-used lawn grass in this state since it absorbs water well even during the drought. Bermuda grass is a tropical plant that is resistant to heat and humidity. It is also resistant to drought. Bermuda thrives during summer and turns yellow in winter. St. Augustine is practically imperishable. That is why many homeowners prefer this variety.

Use water with a conscience. Start conserving water before it becomes too late!