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What are the Benefits of Walking and Running


Walk and run a lot to remain healthy! People have different seasons for jogging, walking, or running regularly. These physical activities, if done moderately, can help keep the heart healthy or bust stress. Research says running is ideal for weight loss because runners use two times more energy compared to walking. However, such findings do not mean that you should just run instead of walk. A combination of these two activities can generate plenty of benefits.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary to strengthen our bones. It regulates calcium and maintains normal phosphorus levels in our blood. These are the two factors needed to keep the bones in good physical shape. We get most of this vitamin from exposure to sunlight. Walking and running can help us get this exposure. Incidentally, deficiency in Vitamin D can also lead to weakness of the muscles; bone aches; cancer; risks of heart ailments; risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease; and, acute asthma among children.

Enhancement of Moods

A research study conducted by a reputable academic institution in Michigan, USA discovered that walking or running even for only half an hour each day can help improve an individual’s disposition. At the same time, these exercises improve a person’s sleeping habits and augment concentration for the whole day. People who experience stress or anxiety can benefit a lot from a length and quiet walk.

Running Helps Scorch Calories

It’s true that any form of exercise burns calories. For example, working out in the gym can help us get rid of 300 calories. However, you give up 600 calories by simply running for an hour. Or, you can try walking on the treadmill and climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. These practices are certified calorie burners.

Ideal for the Elderly

Everything changes when we start to age particularly when it comes to our health and wellbeing. There is always the risk of experiencing immobility and losing independence. Walking helps at this point. A published article from the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed old folks who engage in frequent walking maintain independence as well as movement in their twilight years.

Healthy Eyes

Aside from the health and psychological benefits, walking and running are essential in maintaining good eyesight. Another scientific research disclosed that walkers and runners (average of five miles daily) have a lower risk (at least 40%) of developing loss of vision, cataracts, or blindness. Some experts confided that running reduces the likelihood or contracting Diabetes (Type 2) as well as high blood pressure which are among the main reasons for having cataracts.

Parting Advice

A person who wants to work out can always go to the gym. Nonetheless, walking and running are easier in an exercise routine. Besides, anyone whether you are only a child or 80 years old can walk and run. This form of exercise is also simple, convenient, and cost-effective. These are two approaches in making the most out of our lives.