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What are Essential Oils? What are their Benefits?


Essential oils radiate aromatic properties. These sweet-smelling compounds are contained in various parts of plants which include the seeds, roots, stems, and flowers. Essential oils protect plant life, facilitate pollination, and provide them with unique fragrances. These special oils are used extensively for healthcare solutions, cooking, and beauty therapies. The aromatic compound is filled with tiny organic molecules that transform quickly from solid to liquid to gas. The process takes place fast at room temperature.

You will smell immediately the powerful scent upon opening a bottle of the aromatic mixture. The reason is properties comprising these oils enable them to circulate in the air right away and interact directly with the sense of smell. This type of oil is a main component in aromatherapy and believed to be effective in curing the body as well as the mind.  Research says there are more than 3,000 kinds of aromatic compounds are now in the market. The nature varies depending on the essential oil.

Advantages of Using Essential Oils

  • Essential oils reinforce the immune system and accelerate a person’s recovery from medical conditions. For hundreds of years, people all over the world have taken essential oils internally and applied externally on various parts of the body. The oil is used to heal skin ailments as well as stimulate the human digestive system. It contains an unusual compound called Ricinoleic Acid which has 90 percent fatty acid content. This particular acid combined with salts and ester organic compound bolsters the immune system.
  • It is capable of healing open wounds and infections that can cause sepsis or tetanus. Essential oils possess antiseptic properties that can speed up wound cure. These concoctions also contain antimicrobial attributes. For example, tea essential oil prevents skin inflammation and growth of fungi. On the other hand, lemon grass has the capacity to deal with bacterial infections.
  • Essential oils help balance the hormones. The Journal of Phytotherapy Research revealed evidence that the inhalation of essential oils can improve Thyroid Stimulating Hormones levels. Many women above 50 years old use this procedure. Breathing in this kind of oil equalizes the production of additional Estrogen (steroid hormones produced in the ovaries).
  • These oils have also turned into homemade beauty remedies or household cleaning products which are free from harmful chemicals and cost much lower compared to over the counter brands.
  • The essential oil from peppermint increases the person’s alertness by around 30% and helps improve digestion. Chamomile oil is ideal for removing skin marks, soreness, and acne. It is a natural dermatology complement. Lavender oils exude a pleasant odor and acts as powerful antiseptic for cuts and contusions. It also makes a great aid for relaxation because of the oil’s soothing effect.

Essential oils are natural and inexpensive. Said products have increasingly become popular. There’s no reason why you should not try using this oil in moderation.