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Environmental and Health Benefits of Gardening


Gardening is perfect way of interacting with and enjoying nature.  Just imagine tilling the soil in a sunny morning on a weekend. It provides respite for the elderly or people who have spent the entire week working in air-conditioned offices. Breathing cool and fresh air brings a pleasant experience and helps change your perspective on life. As a matter of fact, there is nothing more fulfilling than cultivating a patch of soil whether it’s small or big. Gardening also produces benefits both for you and the ecosystem.

Good for the Environment

A small and simple plot is already a source of clean air. The two-meter patch of grass converts sufficient carbon dioxide to deliver an individual’s oxygen requirement daily. Garden plants are a means of biofiltration for the entire planet. Plant life (indoor and outdoor) generates nearly all oxygen that human beings breathe. At the same time, flora helps control greenhouse emissions through processes like transpiration or transfer of moisture to plants.

Plants take away impurities from run-off water or overland flow that goes inside the water table. These can be used in reed beds to clean or purify water for home use or recycle water for drinking. Shrubbery is capable of reducing flooding, soil erosion, droughts, and help patch up the landscape following natural and man-made disasters. Last not least plants are sources of foods, medications, fabrics, and fuel. These natural resources are crucial to the conservation of biodiversity as well as production of natural habitats.

Good for the Health

Gardening aids in reducing anxiety and stress. How does it happen? Simply go out to your garden at the end of a hectic day to deal with the mental exhaustion. It is also a form of aerobics. Tilling the soil, pulling out the weeds, and reaching for the roots along with bending work out body muscles. All these movements increase agility, strength, and stamina.

There is evidence that health issues can be reduced significantly by spending more time outdoors. Gardening helps fight loneliness and provides a channel for creativity. You achieve something useful as well as a feeling of pride after harvesting fresh veggies from your own backyard garden. You get to sleep well at the end of the end since this physical task causes you to get tired but satisfied.

Regular gardening chores bring down the hazards of cardiovascular conditions and diabetes. Eating vegetables is also great for the heart. The exercise reduces risks of high blood pressure, obesity, and other illnesses. Frequent gardeners were found out to have lower levels of Cortisol (stress hormones) and stronger abdominal muscles.

Final Advice

Keeping fit is not attained only through costly gym workouts. Discover the upsides of gardening on a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing. This activity gives you a complete body workout and enables gardeners to harvest what they have planted. Connect with nature. Start gardening today.