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DIY All-Natural Sunscreen Recipes


It would be advisable to avoid commercial sunscreens and opt instead for all-natural alternatives.  You will find below easy and affordable Do-it-yourself natural vegan sunscreen recipes. Read through each recipe formula so you can try them in your own kitchen.

 Vegan Sunscreen


½ cup of olive or almond oil

½ cup of coconut oil or Natural SPF 4 (amount of Ultraviolet radiation blocked)

½ cup of Candelilla wax

Two tablespoons of Non-Nano Zinc Oxide


Combine all ingredients except for the zinc oxide in one glass jar like one where olives or pickles are kept.

Put some water in a medium saucepan (a few inches) and use medium heat. Put this jar in a pan of water.

Wait for the ingredients to melt completely before adding the zinc oxide. Stir well and preserve at room temperature.

Avoid inhaling zinc-oxide. Wear a mask for protection if necessary. You can add more wax for a thicker sunscreen. It is possible to add essential oils for aroma. Repeat application of the sunscreen as needed since it is not waterproof.



Negative Effects of Commercial Sunscreen:

Avoid Oxybenzone which is used in many commercial sunscreens because it can cause photo-allergic reactions (skin rashes or burning of skin). It is also said to be dangerous to children.

Benefits of DIY Ingredients:

Olive oil has 24% saturated fats as well as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and 73% of fatty acids (oleic acid) which is very healthy. It also helps reduce inflammation.

Coconut oil is also rich in wholesome saturated fats that can support burning of unhealthy fats. It provides the brain and body with quick energy as well as increase HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood that can reduce symptoms of heart disease.

Candelilla wax is used by vegans instead of beeswax. It is filled with nutrients and prevents loss of moisture in the hair and scalp.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide protects our skin from sunburn, other burns, and wounds. Zin is used as an essential “building block” for creation of enzymes, protein synthesis, and metabolism.

Himalayan salt improves hydration due to its trace minerals.  At the same time, it aids in detoxification by balancing the systemic pH.

Castile soap is made from olive oil. It cleans the body well and builds a balance for the skin. It eliminates dirt and harmful bacteria from our bodies.

Essential Oils are ideal for skin care. These oils are also said to be effective in fighting stress as well as hair loss. There are no sedatives that can lead to abuse.