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The Use of Rose Water for Skin Care


Flavored natural Rose water (Gulab Jal in India) comes from the rose petals’ concentrate. This ingredient has been part of skin care regimens for many centuries. Even the famous Cleopatra was recorded as using this natural product. Rose water is perfect for skin conditions because of its antioxidants and potentials to reduce inflammation significantly. Many women worldwide use rose water as a special concoction for both oily and dry skin.

How to Use Rose Water

You can purchase rose water from natural health shops and pharmacies but see to it is 100% pure and not the synthetic variety. These are the following ways to use the rose water:

  • Toner or facial cleanser – Wash your face with this natural solution after using your ordinary cleanser.
  • Use in recipes like the Hibiscus (fruity) iced tea with rose water.
  • Prepare a rose water spray to relieve stress and spray on the face, wrist, and pillow.

Benefits for the Skin

The anti-inflammatory properties help lessen the glow of irritated skin, acne spots, and dermatitis. A skincare specialist from India, Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj says it is an effective cleanser that helps remove oil and dirt that build up in congested skin openings or pores. Other positive effects include the following:

  • Prevents wrinkle and maintain fine lines.
  • Preserve skin balance (pH)
  • Hydrate, rejuvenate, and moisturize your kin for a fresher look.
  • Build up skin cells and restore skin tissues.
  • The stringent-like properties following steaming makes capillaries tighter as well as reduces blotchiness and redness.
  • Increase hair quality, remove dandruff, and treat slight or minor inflammations of the scalp.

Benefits for the Health

Try to drink rosewater tea with petals from the flower if you are suffering from sore throat. This homemade potion is simple to make.

  • Pour boiling water (150 ML into a cup filled with 0.5 grams of petals.
  • Immerse the petals for around 30 minutes prior to drinking. Flowers ready to produce sees have high amount of Vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E along with tannins, citric acid, and bio-flavonoids.

Rose petal tea can also contain various ailments such as cardiovascular disease, ulcers, diarrhea, irregular blood circulation, infections, and indigestion. However, consult a doctor if symptoms continue. Rose water enhances your mood, eliminates feeling of nervousness, and boosts emotional health. You feel more unperturbed because of the fragrance. It also serves as an after-bath spray.

Natural Fragrance

Rose water comes in a satisfying and all natural smell. Mix one-fourth cup of the rose water with 5 drops of Jasmine essential oil and mix well. Keep the blend in a dark and properly sealed bottle make of glass. This is the technique to maintain freshness. The fragrance is light, soothing, and stimulating.