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Wooden versus Plastic Hair Brush or Comb



Hair brushes made of metal and plastic can harm your scalp. On the other hand, the wooden varieties are soft and smooth. A wooden comb does not scratch the head and prevents hair from drying. It helps distribute sebum (oily secretion) so the scalp does not get slippery.

Benefits of the Wooden Variety

It feels nice while brushing wood on the scalp. The sensation is similar to a massage. It helps promote the flow of blood and delivers nutrients to the hair roots. Natural fibers from wood help condition your tresses. Natural oils flow through the shaft and downward while combing. The wide-tooth comb made of wood does not split or pull your hair. It glides smoothly and detangles curls smoothly.

Wooden brushes and combs can also help in getting rid of dandruff and normalize production of oil. It may not prevent aridity but spreads oil around your scalp. Circulation improves by frequent brushing. Try to brush for some time to sleep well at night. The wooden product is not a heat conductor making it ideal when you blow dry your locks. Finally, the natural elements of wood make these hair implements hypoallergenic. Some products even have protective covers to avert allergic reactions on the scalp.

Plastic Versions

Plastic produces static electricity and breaks your locks. This inert electricity accelerates energy reduction in the hair going to the brain that results in damages. Furthermore, the brush or comb manufactured with plastics or metal can scratch and bruise your scalp. At the same time, plastic is not durable as wood. The brush or comb may be cheaper only in the short-term. It is prone to breakage so you end up spending more by frequent purchases.

Keep them Clean

Keep your wooden combs and brushes clean. Wash these hair tools on a regular basis to prevent grease from being transferred to your tresses and scalps. Use a bit of soap and warm water for cleaning. Scrub the implement gently with an old toothbrush to take away the oil, dirt, and hardened particles.

Some hairstylists advise against using water for cleaning. On the contrary, use natural (jojoba) oils for washing. Jojoba refers to liquid way taken from the nuts of a Native American plant. Jojoba oil is suitable for controlling hair loss by growing new follicles or sebaceous glands. It also helps moisturize or condition dry and tightly curled hair.

These are the different wooden combs and their specific uses:

  • Sandalwood – All types of hair
  • Curvy Sandalwood – Good for massaging
  • Short and wide-tooth comb – ideal for curly locks
  • Fine-tooth comb – Straight and wavy hair
  • Wooden bristle brush – suitable for massaging straight and curled hair

Where to Buy

Wooden brushes and combs are common merchandise in department stores, convenience shops, and e-commerce sites. These products come in numerous shapes, colors, and designs. Look for a brand and style that will suit your needs and hair type perfectly.