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Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is not only a cooking ingredient. This popular type of oil has other benefits. It is good for hair care because coconut oil keeps the tresses of women particularly in Asian countries long and shiny. Many of them use the oil on their hair several times a week just like hair conditioner. The natural oil is capable of minimizing protein loss as well as restoring damaged hair. It is basically the reason why makers of conditioners and anti-dandruff solutions use a certain amount of coconut oil for their concoctions.

Other Benefits

Coconut oil aids digestion thereby helping prevent a variety of abdominal and digestion-related conditions like the IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There are anti-microbial properties in the oil’s saturated fats that fight parasites, fungi, and bacteria. Likewise, it absorbs nutrients such as minerals, amino acids, and other vitamins.  Coconut oil can help improve immunity. In other words, it fortifies a person’s immune system because of the different acids and lipids.

Scientific research found out our bodies convert lauric acid to monolaurin. It is an effective method of dealing with bacteria and viruses that cause influenza, herpes, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. It helps keep organs healthy due to the presence of fatty acids and medium-chain triglycerides have the capacity to avert liver ailments. Said substances are transformed into energy upon reaching the liver and reduce the organ’s functions while preventing buildup of unhealthy fats.

Coconut oil accelerates healing of infections because it creates a chemical layer which protects the infected part against dust, impure air, and contaminants. It also hastens the healing of impaired tissues. Here’s good news for overweight individuals. The oil is good for weight loss because of the short fatty acids that work in getting rid of excess pounds. Relevant studies suggest coconut oil can decrease stomach obesity among women.

This type of oil is not hard to digest compared to its other edible counterparts. Coconut oil improves the rate of metabolism by dealing with stress on the pancreas which leads to the burning of energy. People who live in tropical countries use the substance daily for cooking supposedly to stay away from obesity.

Many women are still aware that coconut oil works wonders for the skin as a moisturizer for all types of skins. There are no negative side effects unlike mineral oil. Civilizations have used it safely for centuries in thwarting skin dryness and flaking. Some athletes and bodybuilders as well as those who go on diets use coconut oil. It is said to contain fewer calories and fat content is converted to energy easily. At the same time, the oil supports endurance thus enhancing athletes’ performance.

Finally, coconut oil is useful in teeth care since it speeds up calcium absorption by the body which strengthens the teeth. It can reduce accumulation of plaque that induces gingivitis and tooth decay. Going over these benefits will surely convince you that coconut oil is a must-have in the household.







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