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DIY dry skin remedies


Natural remedies for skin issues have become very popular. These products are not only inexpensive but uncontaminated. Natural oils are untainted compared to over the counter artificial (water-based) lotions or moisturizers that contain preservatives or alcohol. These additives are likely to cause allergies or dry skin. On the other hand, clean oils have a pure base which makes them effective in dealing with desiccated skin.

DIY Dry Skin Remedies

If you are resourceful enough, it is possible to formulate Do-it-Yourself liniments to deal with dry skin at no extra cost. The most common household ingredients include olive oil, coconut oil, Avocados etc.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has numerous antioxidants (Beta-carotene or Vitamins C and E) as well as nourishing fatty acids which are beneficial for your skin. Here is the simple formula: Combine two tablespoons of any olive oil brand with one tablespoon of honey and four tablespoons of refined brown sugar. Massage the home-produced lotion on dry skin in gentle and circular motion for several minutes. Take a shower after and put on light moisturizer.


For Avocado, slice the fruit in 1/2. Peel off the skin, place the meat in a bowl, and crush with a fork. Makes sure the cream is mashed evenly. Spread the mixture on dry parts of your body and let it stay for 15 minutes before rinsing. Some dermatologists recommend a weekly treatment. The Avocado solution is capable of soothing red and prickly skin. Place two layers and leave the blend on your skin for an additional 10 minutes. Rinse using warm water before washing with cool water. You can apply toner and moisturizer on the dry spots for added moisture.


If you opt for a Turmeric-based lotion, all you need is pre-made turmeric oil that works well to reduce inflammation. Pour the oil in a bowl, add some filtered water (about six tablespoons), and blend. You can also add some Candilila wax – vegan alternative to beeswax, which has fatty acids as well as moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties. Candilila wax  hardens immediately so you have to finish the blending right away. Store the cream at room temperature. You can apply the lotion several times daily on dry or wet skin.

 Coconut Oil

Skin care specialists say coconut oil is effective in dealing with dry skin issues. Apply the oil after taking a shower or full bath while your skin is still elastic and soft. Perform this procedure on a daily basis.


These are just some of the ways of preparing inexpensive but useful DIY lotions from natural products that you can adopt.



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