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What is Organic Skincare


Organic refers to the growing of an ingredient or ingredients. It is cultivated until harvest without using chemical fertilizers, pest killers, antibiotic agents, and growth hormones. For beauty and skin care products, organic relates to regulation and certification standards or guidelines. In the United States, the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are the agencies in charge organic products.

Distinction between Organic and Natural

Organic is not tainted by pesticides although ingredients are not always natural in origin. Natural means cultivated naturally but does not necessarily mean the plant was not sprayed with farming chemicals. The major difference is that organic components must pass through more stringent benchmarks for purity. An organic ingredient must not belong to the category of GMO or genetically modified organism. This concern brings us to the subject of harmful ingredients in skincare products.

Synthetic Products

The so-called bad ingredients in manufactured skincare goods are those that lead to skin allergies, wrinkles, or other more serious conditions. As informed consumers, you will acquire the capability to make better choices while looking for and purchasing organic skincare commodities. However, it may turn out to be disappointing if you are in the process of interpreting labels since too many ingredients are listed. Understanding the meaning of each element is the most difficult part.

  • Emollients refer to a preparation like oil, balm, or lotion that is meant to make the skin softer.
  • Emulsifier is a substance that soothes the mixture.
  • Humectants preserve or retain moisture like Aloe Vera gel and lactic acid.
  • Preservative preserves a product against decay. There are many in skincare products including Rosemary oil extract, grapefruit seed extract, antioxidants, and many others.
  • Surfactants or lubricants produce the foam and lather.

All the above-mentioned compounds are deemed as harmful to the body. It is something that we must always bear in mind.

Benefits of Organic Skincare Products

With organic, you need not worry about healthy and lustrous. Moreover, you will have the least apprehensions about skin irritations, toxins, and chemicals that may cause creases on the face as well as other parts of the body. At the same time, plant-based organic products use very pure ingredients that contain no toxic additives. Of course, organic products alone cannot make your skin 100% healthy. You also need to adopt a natural wellness regimen.

Natural Wellbeing

The importance of water is as basic as the alphabet. Drinking a glass of water upon waking up is like instructing the internal body organs to commence the body processes. This translates to metabolism which aids in the cleansing and flushing out of accumulated body toxins, proper digestion and absorption of nutrients and minerals.

Insufficient water intake can be easily manifested with poor digestion leading to constipation, dry skin and many other problems.  Common teaching is to drink eight glasses of water a day. Another easy, medicine-backed tip in knowing how much water is needed per day is to check out one’s body weight in pounds and divide it in two. The quotient would be the recommended amount of water intake in ounce.


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