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Natural Skincare Routine


More and more people are going for a natural skin care routine. Natural products enhance your skin without harmful side effects and contribute to environmental preservation as well. On the contrary, artificial components and chemicals are frequently sources of pollutants with short-term positive effects but long-term negative outcome on your skin. The skin absorbs these hazardous ingredients which accumulate in your body. For instance, the cleansing technique from essential oils is said to be an ideal solution for most skin types.

Know the Basics

Yet, it is vital to understand the basic principles first before you embark on a natural skin care regimen. Our skin refers to the largest organ of the body which protects us from bacteria and other microorganisms. It is alive, grows and changes every second. It is highly absorbent because of the pores. Unfortunately, the skin is exposed to the air and sun as well as other elements.  This brings us to the important concern of how to take care of it properly and ensure the skin remains healthy at all times.

Artificial Market Products

Many beauty-conscious consumers still patronize over the counter merchandise to look younger or get radiant skin. The primary downside of using these products include allergic reactions and irreparable damage to your skin. Chemicals also tend to produce blocked pores, activate untimely aging, and create other detrimental side effects. This is when an organic and all-natural skin care becomes important. Natural means doing away with synthetic and laboratory-made ingredients.

How does Natural help?

According to research studies, natural products complement the natural systems of our skin. Besides, there is a close connection between chemicals and ailments. Synthetics are forbidding because their additives are invasive and act fast which cause harm that we do not even see or realize. Ultimately, the immediate causes are skin irritation; itchiness or soreness; recurring headaches; difficulty in breathing; hormone disorders; and, more severe medical conditions.  You don’t expect a miracle out of these chemical compounds. On the contrary, you will ultimately pay a higher price by experiencing the following:

  • Skin suffocation
  • Quick dehydration
  • Wrinkled skin
  • Early aging
  • Sun spots

When we say natural skin regime, it means use of products derived from plants or herbs with naturally-occurring compounds. There are no pesticides, genetically-modified organisms or GMOs, and chemical fertilizers. Moreover, it comes along with an organic certification. Natural preservatives are used to maintain longevity.

Healthy Diet

Of course, natural skin care should come with wholesome food as well as eating habits. Some of the recommended foods for a healthful skin include the following:

  1. Avocados which have plenty of healthy fats
  2. Fatty skin like salmon, herring, and mackerel
  3. Walnuts
  4. Sweet potatoes
  5. Bell pepper (red and yellow)
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Broccoli
  8. Soy products
  9. Chocolate

Hopefully, this brief article will provide you with useful insights not only about natural products and solutions for the skin but the right food to eat in support of your goals.


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