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How to Use Soap Nut Berry for Cleaning and Benefits


Soap Berry

The soap berry or nut refers to the fruit similar to lychee. It grows on the Indian or Himalayan tree called Sapindus Mukorrosi. These berry fruits yield a kind of soap (saponin) that functions as natural surfactant. Soap berries have multiple uses. These include washing dishes and clothes; cleaning surfaces and countertops; and, shampooing your hair. Besides, the natural saponin extract is absolutely natural and recyclable as no bug killers were used in crop-growing. Soap berries are soothing even for tender skin while the pineapple-like scent is not left behind on your clothing.

To use as laundry detergent and fabric softener, put at least five berry nuts in a muslin or wash bag. Washing can be made in any temperature. However, more heat helps release saponin more efficiently. Allow the cloth bag to dry after washing. The nuts may be used repeatedly until the shells turn gray or become squashy. Try to squash the wet nut. If a soapy and honey-colored liquid comes out, the nuts are still reusable.

Multiple Benefits

Soap berry is a multi-use household cleaning solution capable of doing the following:

  • Clean the bathroom, kitchen, and flooring
  • Used for handy steam cleaners
  • Remove dirt and stains from carpet
  • Get rid of offensive urine odor

You can also use soap berries for washing houseplants swathe with dust which blocks the capacity of plants to perform the process of photosynthesis. How do you prepare an all-natural formula using these soap nuts?  Just blend two tablespoons of the berry liquid version with a cup of clean water and pour the emulsion in a spray bottle. Squirt the plant leaves and wipe them lightly. The concoction is also capable of warding off plant insects. See to it that you spray the soil’s top portion.  Soap berries also act as mosquito repellant substance even for infants and kids.

The solution was found out to be effective in washing away chemicals particularly insecticides from crops. Place ½ cup of soap berry liquid and two cups of water in a small basin or bowl. Soak the veggies and fruits. Rinse well before you eat. Or, you can pour a bit of soap berry in your shampoo (ratio should be 10 is to one) to leave your hair cleaner, soft and shinier. Use less soap nut if your hair becomes stiff and dry after washing. Soap nuts in fluid form can also take away hair lice.

It is even better than other over the counter synthetic hand-soap products. It does not produce a lot of suds or froth but the berry nuts perform a better job of cleaning your hands. Lastly, the juice from soap nuts works great as a biodegradable cleanser for kitchen utensils and tableware. It will surely leave the dishes free from contaminants and shimmering.

One small berry can make a large difference. You do not have to buy expensive merchandise or complicated cleaning tools. All you need are these berries or nuts.