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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Use of Plastic NOW


If you care about the environment (and you must), read the guidelines below carefully on possible ways to reduce the use of plastics NOW!

  1. Stop using plastic straws whether at home or outside. At the same time, avoid products (micro-plastics) that come from larger items and break down into miniscule portions. These plastics that contain consumer commodities are responsible for polluting our seas, oceans, and waterways. Keep away from polyethylene that you find in the list of ingredients and use biodegradable items instead.
  2. When you go the supermarket, carry your personal shopping bag. Plastic bags are a BIG NO! Would you believe around 1 trillion plastic bags given to consumers for free are used and thrown away every year globally. These bags are harmful for wildlife and marine natural resources to the point of killing them. Certain cities in the USA like Washington (DC) and San Francisco have banned the use of plastic bags. At the same time, stop purchasing bottled water due to possible risk of contamination. The best option is to buy a refillable bottle.
  3. Shop in volume for grocery items not only to save on time, efforts, and money but get rid of redundant cartons, containers (tin), and plastic packs for food items such as rice, breakfast cereals, beans, and snacks. Opt for reusable bags made of cloth or glass containers for keeping loose merchandise. Use reusable spoons, forks, and knives at home. Again, skip the disposable plastics because of their harmful effects.
  4. Buy local not only to support local farmers or entrepreneurs. The food is fresh. It has a better taste since the product is sold out within or even less than 24 hours. If you shop at the conventional supermarket or grocery, the merchandise may have been stored for days or weeks. Besides, domestic food enhances the environment. Crops are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  5. It may be difficult for most mothers but cloth diapers are healthier. Disposable baby or adult diapers (underwear) end up in garbage bins daily. There are brands that promote cloth alternatives. Use your own thermos in coffees shops to reduce plastic footprints. Throw-away coffee cups appear like paper but normally lined with plastic resin or polyethylene. These may be recyclable items but most enterprises do not have the infrastructure or capabilities to perform these tasks. Refrain from using plastic disposable razors. Think of using one in which only the blade is changed from time to time.

Making changes in your day to day routine and replacing conventional household items with non-traditional stuff may be difficult at first. It will not be easy to make the necessary adjustments right away. However, think of your environment and how you can contribute to its preservation effectively. Nowadays, the earth is facing various issues and problems. As a result, humans must face the reality that here is only one option left in order to continue living and that is to adapt to changes for the good of humankind and our planet.


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